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SABA SABA special Samsung

Posted on 26th Jun 2012 @ 1:49 PM

With sabasaba season aproaching,Samsung Tanzania has introduced special offer for our customers. Variety of products available on our site comes with a big discount for you!!!

  1. Plasma TV PS51E470 GET a digital camera (ST65) http://www.kivuko.com/products/PS51E470-Samsung-Plasma-tv-%28Get-a-Free-Digital-Camera-ST65%29.html
  2. LCD TV L446D550 GET home theather (MD320) http://www.kivuko.com/products/samsung-46%22--%28LA46D550%29-Series-5-LCD-TV-%28-get-a-free-Home-theater-MD320%29.html
  3. LCD TV LA40D503 GET DIGITAL CAMERA (ES9) http://www.kivuko.com/products/Samsung-LCD-TV%252d-LA%252d40D503-.html
  4. LCD TV LA32D403 GET DVD player (C360) http://www.kivuko.com/products/Samsung-LA32D403-Series-4-32%22-LCD-TV.html
  5. LED TV UA26EH4000 GET mobile phone (1182) http://www.kivuko.com/products/SAMSUNG-LED-TV26EH4000.html
  6. Home theather HT-D5550K GET mobile phone (3222) http://www.kivuko.com/products/SAMSUNG-HOME-THEATRE-TH%252dD5550k.html
  7. HiFi system MX-D750D GET mobile phone (1182) http://www.kivuko.com/products/SAMSUNG-HOME-THEATRE-MXD750D.html
  8. HiFi system MX-C630D GET mobile phone (1182) http://www.kivuko.com/products/SAMSUNG-HOME-THEATRE-MX%252dC630D.html


This offer is valid till July 10th 2012